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Looking for a new pool? Talk to us about the best solution.

We specialise in repairs and maintenance. 

Our services include new pool installations, re-surfacing/re-lining in marble plaster and fibreglass pools, mosaic work, paving, koi ponds, water features and spas.

We have a store in Pinetown where experienced staff are ready to help you. 

Call us now and we will see how we can create your solution.

Why choose us?

Biometric staff clock-in

We always know who is in for the day and which team they are on.

Satellite tracking of all vehicles.

Our vans are boldly branded and impeccably maintained. From our Pinetown store, we can see all vehicles on a live feed.

Police clearance.

All staff have a police clearance certificate and have been checked against the sex offenders list by The Guardian. This paperwork is available on written request.

Professional Hiring

We have a labour consultant on retainer who has ensured we have all legally required contact details of our staff. All staff have contracts. All staff are cool.

Experienced & Trained staff

All staff are trained by long-term industry experts. This is not Hollywood…our teams are THE pool pros. All staff wear clearly identifiable uniforms…they also wear smiles.

Hands-on Owners

Both Brad and Mark are at work 5 days a week. Their cell numbers are always available to any customer that wants to chat them. There are no 0800 numbers and no gatekeepers. You want to talk to an owner? You got it…

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