Pool Maintenance

We love looking after pools…call us to make your pool a healthy and happy pool.


What do you get?

1. One visit a week by one of our trained and experienced teams.

2. All chemicals are included in the price.

3. Phone access to the owners for free advice on how to improve your pool.

What do we do on each visit?

1. We remove all leaves from the bottom and surface of the pool.

2. We remove all leaves and debris from the weir, pump baskets and any other inline leaf catchers.

3. We vacuum all sand, sleet and sediments on the floor of the pool.

4. We also brush down the entire pool surface.

5. We backwash and rinse the filter.

6. We perform an open backwash of the filter every 6 months to maintain the life of the sand within the filters in order to extend the lifespan and effectiveness of the filter.

7. We test the water with every visit. Analyse the results and record the data.
This covers the PH, alkalinity & chlorine content of the water.
Once the data has been recorded, we administer the correct amount of chemicals for your pool, ensuring your pool has perfectly balanced water.

8. Each week we take a holistic look over your entire pool system in order to point out any future potential problems. We believe in a proactive preventative approach rather than a reactive response. If we see any potential problems we will report this to you. This could save you huge money.

What does it cost?

Starting from R800 per month. Pricing is based on the size of your Domestic pool.

Here is a guideline for you to work from.
(We will visit your pool and confirm the size for at the start of the contract.)

= 10 000 – 30 000 = R800 per month
= 30 000 – 50 000 litres = R890 per month
= 50 000 – 70 000 litres = R970 per month
= 70 000 – 100 000 litres = R1 050 per month

What we expect you to do.

1. Have as much fun as possible in your pool and make hundreds of happy memories.

2. Keep the water level at the required levels for optimum pool health. If you are not sure about this we
will show you. This is critically important, failure to do this could result in burnt out pumps and other damage to your pool system. Make sure the immediate vegetation is trimmed neatly back.

3. Keep the immediate surrounding area of the pool clean.

4. Run your pump & pool cleaner every day during daylight hours. It is best to run your pump during the hottest part of the day to ensure efficient use of chemicals. (Summer minimum of 8-10 hours and winter minimum 6-8 hours a day. Your pool timer should make this easy for you.)

What the contract does not cover.

We cannot be held liable for any loss or damage that result from existing problems, such as black or green algae. Should these occur we will naturally help you resolve them but, they will be subject to an additional charge, for which we will quote you. We are also not responsible for any leaks that may develop or additional damage caused by negligence on your part, natural weathering and general wear and tear.

Should your pool suffer storm damage we would have to quote on this as a separate issue. Despite this legalese style of writing, please know that we will always do our very best to help you have a happy pool.

The contract does not cover public holidays. These “missed” days which fall on public holidays are made up during the year when there are 5 weeks in a month. The maintenance service is worked out on a 4 week month.


8 Reasons to trust us with your pool.

1. All staff fully background checked. We know all our team and have all the required paperwork on file. All staff are fully qualified to work on your pool.

3. All vehicles are tracked in real-time by Satellite. We know where all our teams are at all times.

4. All additional work, over and above the monthly contract, carries a 6-month workmanship guarantee.

6. We are a “Hands-on” owner-driven company. You will have the owners direct cell numbers.

7. We have a retail store which is even open on Saturdays for your convenience.

8. We love everything about pools, from building to refurbishing to maintaining them.